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Gun Storage

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Gun Storage

Getting Started

So you have decided to buy a gun cabinet, but you might still be deciding what type you need and want for your equipment. This handy guide will walk you through a series of questions and help you to discover just what type of gun storage cabinet might be right for you.

What type of cabinet will best suit your needs for storage?
  • Custom cabinets deliver the ability to store not only firearms, but also allow for additional storage of other gear, valuables and even cigars.
  • Custom gun cabinets can be customized with wood species, size, style, components, finish and trim packages.
  • You can expect to pay about 50% more at a minimum for a customized gun cabinet over one of our traditional cabinets.
  • Traditional gun cabinets come with storage of 3-11 guns, and offer a lower cabinet for additional storage.
  • Traditional gun cabinets are built out of mahogany and come in 24", 36" and 48" sizes and can be finished in Shaker Maple, Chestnut, and Cordovan.
  • Traditional gun cabinets range in price from $2,395.00 to $9,995.00.

Custom Wood Species vs. Traditional Wood Types

One of the most important factors when choosing your new gun cabinet is choosing the appropriate wood type for it to be built from. Vigilant uses some of the finest hardwoods and eco-friendly woods in the world. You're really only limited by your imagination.

What value does this provide to our customers?
  • This allows you to choose the wood species that works with your existing room decor and other furniture in the home.
  • We care about our carbon footprint and the impact we have on the world around us so you don't have to. The gun cabinet we create for you is guaranteed to be made from the most sustainable woods available to us and we offer green and friendly woods like bamboo and birch.
  • Whether you choose to start out with a custom cabinet design or one of our traditional cabinets, you can be assured that we will use only the finest woods and craftsmanship in the creation of your cabinet and deliver it to you backed by our industry leading product warranty.

You've Chosen Custom...Now What?

If you have chosen to go the custom cabinet route, congratulations, you have made and excellent choice. Now you can outfit your cabinet with the design features and accessories that will truly make it your own. We offer some of the nicest design features and accessories that integrate seamlessly with our cabinets. Maybe you have one in mind that we have not thought of. Let us know and we'll make it happen.

What are the benefits of some of the design features and accessories for your cabinet?
  • One of our favorites and the favorites of other collectors is the hidden valuables safe. The benefits are obvious, safe storage, under lock and key, of any item that needs protection. The valuables safe offers protection, but also peace of mind.
  • We love cigars and so the ability to integrate one of our cigar humidors into the gun cabinets was one of our most important accessory creations. Store up to 8 boxes and opt for a shelf for loose cigar storage if needed.
  • There is no doubt that we love to store stuff, that is what we do and who we are, so being able to offer drawer banks, top and bottom, maximizes the storage potential of your cabinet and allows for storage of all of your shooting and hunting gear.

The Design and Styling of Your Gun Cabinet and Beyond...

Vigilant has completed successful projects throughout the U.S. and around the globe. Whether your goal is to store guns in one or several cabinets or create a gun room, sealed off from the rest of the home under lock and key, we can deliver the creativity and results you are looking for.

What does this mean to you and your storage needs?
  • We possess the flexibility to meet your project requirements, regardless of location.
  • We can provide complete design and storage products and services to make sure your needs are met.
  • If you are looking for a custom storage piece to accompany your cabinet, we can deliver that as well. Our craftsmen have built coat cabinets, benches, gun rooms, gun vaults, custom cabinetry and almost every other piece of storage furniture. We are cabinetmakers, fine furniture builders first and foremost, so challenge us.
  • Contact us today to discover what owning a Vigilant storage product is all about.