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Gun Cabinet Interior Components

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Wooden Gun Cabinet

Vigilant's gun cabinets are handcrafted in our New England wood manufacturing facility in Dover, NH using the finest hardwoods. The spacious interiors of our rifle cabinets can accommodate more than just rifle racks. Our gun and sport cabinets have modular accessory options allowing for a custom interior design that fits your storage needs. You can add fly rod racks, tackle drawers, shelves, interior lighting, and even a cigar humidor.

We have a team of expert designers that can design you a custom cabinet to meet your specific needs. Call us at 888.812.4427 and we will gladly assist you!

Optional Design Features

Accessories for Gun Cabinets

Gun Racks

The gun racks are made of solid mahogany and orient your guns at a 30% angle, allowing for greater storage capacity and an attractive presentation. The lower part of the rack features a solid mahogany oval recess for the butt and the upper cradle gently angles single and double barrels.

Capacity: 3 guns 5 guns 8 guns 11 guns
Price: $165 $285 $325 $385

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Top Drawer Bank

Full-extension drawers give you complete access to all your gear. The three small top drawers are ideal for small items such as fly boxes and shells, while the four 8" high lower drawers will accommodate larger items, such as shell boxes.

Drawers: 3 4
Dimensions: 10"w x 5 5/8"h x 12"d 10"w x 8"h x 12"d
Package Price (7 Drawers): $765

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Lower Drawer Bank

The two lower drawers are 20" wide and are located behind the locking lower doors, offering more secure storage.

Drawers: 1 1
Dimensions: 20"w x 5 5/8"h x 12"d 20"w x 8 1/2"h x 12"d
Package Price (Set of 2): $395

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Shelves are available in two sizes: 20" wide for the lower area and 11" wide for the upper area. The mahogany shelves are finished in clear lacquer and are fully adjustable. The 24" and 36" cabinets will each accommodate one bank of 20" shelves in the bottom area, while the 48" cabinet will accommodate two banks.

  Upper Area: Lower Area: Upper Bank of Shelves: Lower Bank of Shelves:
Width: 11" 20" 11" 20"
Price: $25 $30 $95 $40

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Crown Molding

This elegant crown molding is crafted of solid mahogany and affixes to the top of all of the Gun Cabinets, providing them with a more traditional and formal appearance.

Price: $185

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Electronic Cigar Humidor

Located in the lower gun cabinet area, this unique humidor will preserve and protect your cigars by maintaining a constant 70% interior humidity. The humidor features a panel door, an adjustable interior shelf and will accommodate up to eight boxes of your favorite cigars. The automatic electronic humidification system ensures that your cigars are in perfect smoking condition for your next outing. A ventilated drawer is available as an option for loose cigars.

Dimensions: 20"w x 16"h x 12"d
Price: $545

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Valuables Safe

The Valuables Safe is ideal for items that require additional security. This heavy duty, compact safe is permanently fixed in the lower cabinet area and features a drill-resistant points lock with STS points key. It fits in the lower area of all Gun Cabinets.

Dimensions: 14"w x 10"h x 9.5"d
Price: $235

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Halogen Display Light

This powerful compact light system is modular, allowing you the flexibility to add or move lights to illuminate the upper cabinet interior to suit your needs.

Price: $150

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